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This website has been set up to promote my novel - The Last Messenger which is intended to be the first in a trilogy.  Literary Agents have given me a lot of positive feedback about my writing but have advised that there is no longer a demand for conspiracy thrillers. Therefore, it is with a streak of bloody minded and perhaps misguided optimism that I've brought this book to publication myself.  There is a sample chapter of the book on this website and also available as a free download on Kindle so you can judge for yourself whether I'm wasting my time.  To be honest, writing stories like this is not about making money. It means more to me to get some positive feedback from a reader who has paid something for the privilege of being entertained.  

Although my books are fiction, I want to use the website to provide some background behind the historical and factual context of my books. If you are interested in knowing more, please click on the About My Book tab.

I’ve also started two blogs which will discuss issues dear to me which may merit a wider readership. These blogs are still in their infancy but if you'd like to follow me, I promise I wont bombard you with emails.

  • I’m told that over 80% of book readers are women. Nothing wrong with that, but we need men to read more than one book a year on holiday. The Man Who Reads seeks to encourage more men to read more books. There will be no reviews of books with Girl in the title. However, I intend to review lots of books written by women which will appeal to men. 

  • In The Writer’s Journey, you’ll find a warts and all insight into the process of being a writer. I’ve learnt a lot about the industry. I’ve met lots of agents and successful published writers. This is a no-nonsense guide to what it’s like to try and be a writer.



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