The Barnabas Legacy

The Barnabas Legacy

What happens when the person you love is a wanted terrorist and you have been assigned to kill him.

Due in Spring 2018

About the Book

Antioch Syria. AD 1098.  A city under siege by the European army of the First Crusade. Sickened by the slaughter of Muslims , an English knight rescues a family and helps them escape. When the tide is turned and the Crusaders find themselves besieged within the walls of Antioch, the same Muslim family must risk their lives to return the act of bravery displayed by the English knight. 

Famagusta, Cyprus. 2006.  A young couple on holiday with their new born baby are taken hostage by terrorists. What do they want and what is the connection to the siege of Antioch in the Eleventh century. 

London, 2006  British intelligence don’t want to get involved  as there is no risk to the Akrotiri base in Cyprus.

One MI6 agent sees the situation differently. He is the father of the baby.  



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