Trip to Iran to research book two – The Lies of Our Fathers

My second novel is proving to be an even bigger challenge than the first  especially as I decided to set the story in Iran which is not the number one destination for  tourists.  Of course there is a lot of information and  photographs on the internet and many books about travelling in the country but that is no substitute for being there in the country and experiencing a place which nobody I knew  had ever visited. In this blog , without overloading you with facts , I’ve tried to give you some insight at what an interesting and friendly country Iran is . It is a great tragic that it continues to be ostracised by the West when it has so much to offer the world. Clearly, Iran is not blameless for its isolation from the world’s stage but they are defending the threats from Sunni Islam, Israeli belligerence and Western tendency to take sides with Saudi Arabia.

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